3cm root ginger (ingefära) – eller mer om man tycker det är gott!
*Chop up and mix in the food processor to a paste
*Put in frying pan

150ml vegetable stock
*Add stock, boil and simmer for 5min

1 cauliflower ( or other vegetable you think goes well)
*add to mix in mouth size chunks, cook few min

1 tsp ground coriander
1 cinnamon stick
5 cardamom pods, lightly crushed (If you have trouble finding pods, I sometimes just use the ground version)
1 tsp salt
Ground black pepper
Juice 1 lemon

*Add to mix and stir, cook a few min

(Here I take out the cauliflower and add it at the end, just so not to over cook it, but add the flavour)

Add as much/little of the following as you like!

1 can coconut milk (really it should be grated creamed coconut, but have never seen it in Sweden!)
Natural yoghurt (2dl) – or Turkish yogurt – or coconut yoghurt
*Add carefully to the mix, cook 1min

1.5dl water
*Add, boil then simmer for 15 min
*Add the cauliflower towards the end, and any other veg, eg. Mini-maize
*When the mix has reduced to a nice consistency it is ready! The sauce does thicken when it cools.
*Discard cinnamon/cardamom
* Serve with rice/naan bread, flaked almonds (roasted), coriander and lemon. Yummy with mango sauce!


Receptet kommr från Hannah Hall